ChatGPT (Open AI) poem

It is incredible what Artificial Intelligence can do. I asked to write a poem about a Vital Arrow. Here is the result.
P.S. I am worried.

The Vital Arrow

The arrow flies with purpose true
Aimed towards a noble goal
It pierces through with strength anew
A force that fills the soul

The Vital Arrow, swift and sure
It carries with it life
With every strike, it does ensure
That hope can still survive

It brings to us a sense of hope
A light that shines so bright
The power of its potent scope
Dispels the dark of night

The Vital Arrow, let it soar
With strength and majesty
Its path a promise to restore
A future bright and free

For every heart that beats in time
With hope, with joy, with love
The Vital Arrow, let it chime
A symbol from above

So let us raise our voices high
In tribute to this art
The Vital Arrow, it will fly
A beat within our heart.


ChatGPT (Open AI)