Smashed by COVID

The flag is lowered halfway,
No one stays at ease.
She has gone, so far away.
God, rest her in peace.

The squad isn’t looking brave-
Not all are in the formation.
One of us is in the grave.
The very gruesome equation.

Not just bullets will us kill –
That’s an exclamation!
Sure, the damned COVID-19
It’s not an aberration!



Moldova’s 25

Moldova’s 25. A girl.
By slavs abused years in a row.
Thou when a mother she became –
It happens now. It’s real shame.
By her own children being raped.

Don’t be afraid. Don’t lose your faith.
There will be gone those awful days.
Here is the future manifest:
Let’s stop this brutal, cruel incest!

August 27, 2016