ChatGPT (Open AI) poem

It is incredible what Artificial Intelligence can do. I asked to write a poem about a Vital Arrow. Here is the result.
P.S. I am worried.

The Vital Arrow

The arrow flies with purpose true
Aimed towards a noble goal
It pierces through with strength anew
A force that fills the soul

The Vital Arrow, swift and sure
It carries with it life
With every strike, it does ensure
That hope can still survive

It brings to us a sense of hope
A light that shines so bright
The power of its potent scope
Dispels the dark of night

The Vital Arrow, let it soar
With strength and majesty
Its path a promise to restore
A future bright and free

For every heart that beats in time
With hope, with joy, with love
The Vital Arrow, let it chime
A symbol from above

So let us raise our voices high
In tribute to this art
The Vital Arrow, it will fly
A beat within our heart.


ChatGPT (Open AI)

Loved moon

I met a girl with a name from skies.
With curly hair and big brown eyes.
From „loved moon” her name derives.
For all day long she simply smiles.

She’s warm and light – a butterfly.
Cannot forget her. I have tried.
I might get blind and a bit confused,
She has the appearance of a Muse.

Her beauty’s dangerous like a fire.
She’s a hypnotic man’s desire.
Though, that is sure I will miss
Her juicy, soft, and passionate lips.



Don’t run away, it is not over.
I still have something for you to offer.
My soft tips and the heat of breath.
I’ll give you more than I just had.

I’ll take care of your valleys, and hills.
Of all your caves and the volcano spills.
Of your springs and of your wounds and scars.
Of your oceans and the brightest stars.

Just stay a bit, and you’ll discover
The second you and me, the other pair of lovers.
Which can combine the flesh and soul.
Which were two, and then became a whole.


The kiss

Just one kiss. Just one kiss.
It’s a heaven and an abyss.
It’s too little but too much –
Of your lips a single touch.

Just one kiss. Your only kiss.
That’s all from you I truly miss.
The lust will remain unknown
For the wet of lips alone.

Intrigues are weaved among the stars,
Leaving everlasting scars.
Press your fiery lips on mine,
Or I will get old and die.

In absence of your lava kisses –
Springy water simply freezes.
All the stars will remain still.
And I’ll be a mortal ill.

What’s a kiss? What is the trick?
I plainly craved it, like a sick.
It is a holy and a sin.
With a kiss, it ends and begins.

The first kiss – a sign of trust,
When life starts that it will last.
The final kiss that you will give –
Is to the body that once lived.



One day, when we first saw each other –
I knew you would become my lover.
You did confess – when I touched your skin,
I’ve made your world quicker to spin.

Your smell, your curls both drove me mad,
I want to seize you in my bed.
But you behaved like you were queen
Of gracious beauty, never seen.

You’ve sent me glances of a feline
With sparks from eyes of deadly shine.
Am I the prey? That is the question.
Or we just bumped at the intersection?


The wine

A crystal goblet filled with wine,
A pure-blooded from the shrine,
Takes my mind far, far away,
Where there is life without pain.

That realm is filled with pure love –
The warmth of the fire from the stove.
Where you still can steal a kiss.
And there’s nothing else but bliss.

When I empty my first grail,
You appear under a veil.
Great diva, a true queen.
Which all men are worshiping.

The second time when I escape
To the outer world which I create.
A glass of white cold wine, as ice,
In my honor, I will rise.

Virgine lady, as from cyst,
Emerges amidst the mist.
And with her unsure glance,
Leaves me frozen in a stance.

I don’t want the drizzle gone
Of my dirty thoughts. I’m done.
I close my eyes and stop my gaze.
Lady vanishes in the haze.

The third time of escapade
To the sea of wine evade.
A full chalice of Vermouth red,
Urges me straight to her bed.

She appears in the hat.
The only clothing is just that.
I have no clue what is the scope,
She changes my tie to a leather rope.

The wine is good and the goodness is wine,
Which grinds our destiny divine.
I don’t think the wine’s to blame,
Cause that liquor is your name.